Baldwin Township

Some may confuse this with Baldwin Borough, a booming suburb with a population near 20,000 people. That is not the case! While it shares the namesake, Baldwin Township is approximately one tenth of the size. This was one of the most difficult places to find to date. There is no signing on the proximity of the town to indicate its existence. It just kind of exists as a part of a formerly large township that was repeatedly split up and taken from to form other boroughs and parts of the city. We even had trouble locating this municipal building, which is also the police station and the town park. We originally thought that there was no clear indication of the township's name on the building, until we circled it at least three times going the wrong way on a one way street and probably causing the town cop inside a little tension as he contemplated the idea of having to respond to his first ever disturbance in the township.

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