Township of Findlay

Area-wise, Findlay is obviously the largest township in the county. It is the home of the Pittsburgh International Airport, and was once part of Moon Township before splitting off in 1819.

An area which originally started with 31 residents now easily sees that many in 30 seconds on a small stretch of highway heading toward the airport.

Brendan thought this was going to be the most difficult shot to take. Honestly, I think it was the easiest. While having to pull off to the birm of the highway and put our flashers may have put us in jeopardy, I would assume that if any driver was reckless enough to hit us on the side of the road, we weren't very safe on the road either. Quite frankly it was easier than having to find a place to park on some hilly residential road or justify ourselves to police in the parking lot of a municipal building.

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