Indiana Township

Welcome to Indiana Township. Fine print: The phrases "Indiana Township," and "Middle of nowhere," for the purposes of this sign, are interchangeable.

I would love to give you some background information on Indiana Township, but I couldn't find anything significant that occurred here in the past 100 years. However, I can tell you what you will not find here: legendary basketball coach Bob Knight; a state university; someone whose last name is Jones.

Flipping through the Indiana Township online newsletter, I discovered that the Cookie Monster has been sighted in Indiana Township. Or has he? Unfortunately not, it is just a ploy to fool people into donating to a baked goods sale.

Indiana Township does a very good job of resembling the state of Indiana. A line of sunflowers sheaths a cornfield behind. The road beyond is cordoned off. The only vehicles who ventured down it in the ten minutes we were there turned around and came back. You're in Allegheny County now, son. Go grab a pail of slop and start feeding the livestock.

In all seriousness, despite being named 'Indiana' the township geographically resembles the state of Connecticut.

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