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The purpose of this section is to link you to other websites, articles, and resources about Allegheny County that we think are interesting, useful and have been utilized to provide some of the historical background of the location we visit. Most of the historical background from this website is derived from these resources. As this is not yet a detailed research product, this section, especially the Post Gazette database will serve as citation.


Government for Growth: A City-County Merger?

A comprehensive study of a merger between the City of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County chaired by Mark Nordenberg, Chancellor of the University of Pittsburgh. Released on April 3, 2008.


The Next Page: For a New Allegheny County -- 26 school districts, 26 municipalities

Pittsburgh Post Gazette: Everyone knows we have too many local governments — and too many school districts. So here's an immodest proposal: Let's make many mergers all at once.

Meetings in the darndest places

Pittsburgh Tribune Review: When it comes to government business, some officials meet in a little slice of heaven. Or they just go to the mall.

Braddock Redevelopment Questioned

Pittsburgh Tribune Review: Sean Walden has heard his mother preach about Braddock's better days, when working-class people with money in their pockets strolled the city's main street to shop.

Communities share resources, staff; Cooperatives keep municipal identities distinct

Pittsburgh Tribune Review: To outsiders and lifetime residents alike, southwestern Pennsylvania can seem like a bewildering jigsaw puzzle of pygmy kingdoms…

Homestead Works: Steel lives in its stories

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: The world's largest steel-producing plant is gone, replaced by a shopping complex, but those who worked in the mills want people to remember what once was

In Allegheny County, towns increased from 7 townships to 130 municipalities

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Once upon a time, Allegheny County consisted of seven townships. That was 1788…

Reclaiming Hope: Voluntary Disincorporation in Allegheny County

Chris Briem: Report of former County Controller Frank Lucchino on municipal consolidation

Regional Insight: Too Many Towns Spoil the Economy

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: If you like government, the Pittsburgh region is the place to be. We have more than 1,000 separate governmental entities in the 10-county region…


Allegheny County: Census 2000 Data

Allegheny County Municipalities: Historical Data (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Allegheny Intermediate Unit: Allegheny County's School Districts

Website of Chris Briem: Regional Economist at University Center for Social and Urban Research - University of Pittsburgh

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