Mount Oliver

The Lesotho of Allegheny County.

As you may know from reading, one individual on the quest, Brendan, is not a fan of such a fractured municipal structure in the county. Needless to say, he really blew a gasket with Mount Oliver. For you amateurs out there, Mount Oliver borough is completely surrounded by the City of Pittsburgh. Its children go to Pittsburgh Public Schools and accordingly residents pay Pittsburgh school tax but they also finance the borough's operations such as its own police & fire departments. Why exactly Mount Oliver needs its own police and fire departments to patrol about 1 square mile of land surrounded entirely by the municipality with the largest professional police and fire departments in the county can't be explained.

Most importantly, residents of Mount Oliver Borough are at a distinct disadvantage when compared to residents of the city that surrounds it. Because it is not part of the city, Mount Oliver Borough is not represented by rapper Wiz Khalifa.

Great job by Miller with this imageā€¦.it really almost looks like a painting.

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