North Versailles

Believe it or not, this is the second incarnation of the North Versailles section of this page. Originally, we took a photograph of one of the green, reflective signs along the side of the main road. This was insufficient for two reasons. Number one, only portions of the sign and my disembodied white t-shirt were visible. Secondly, we completely missed this very appealing sign, which North Versailles cleverly hid behind a bush to avoid wear from too many people seeing it.

North Versailles also boasts Walmart and a very attractive Eat 'N Park which, according to staff members, is preferable to the McKeesport location by virtue of the fact that it is not a dump. The restaraunt features paintings of scenery from the local community, including the George Westinghouse bridge. Also, unlike the Eat 'N Park at the Waterfront, you don't feel as if the staff is constantly trying to rush you out the door. Prepare to BS all night.

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