Scott Township

This picture was taken outside of an elderly care facility. This was the first time Brendan acted as the driver and I acted the navigator in his new Malibu. Smooth ride, smooth ride. Though I must note that for whatever reason Brendan was too scared to walk through the grass in order to get this sign.

ANNYWAYY, unless this is the first township you've clicked on from this page, you likely know the deal.

It used to be part of another township… this time, St. Clair Township.

Over the course of its history, many other municipalities annexed parts of its territory. In this case, Mt. Lebanon, Dormont, and parts of Carnegie were formed out of former Scott territory.

While the Denny's is nice, some of these townships need to get their act together. If all of these communities were still united, they would have great regional power and reduce many municipal redundancies.

Scott is part of the Chartiers Valley School District which, unlike many other areas in the county, is actually increasing in size due to new developments in the area.

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