South Fayette Township

Named after the southern portion of American Revolution friend the Marquis de Lafeyette, this township rests just above Washington County.

This was probably the fourth shot we took in South Fayette on this excursion, but it was worth it. The first ones were taken of an illuminated sign where I stood on the hill by a small creek under a bridge. Nice creek, bad pictures. Think Port Vue sign.

We were just about to cut our losses when we spotted this gem on the side of the road on the way back. Naturally, I urged our driver to pull over, and we walked a quarter of a mile up the road to get this picture. Well worth it, clearly.

This by far the best signed municipality we have seen. It is clearly marked in some way or another on nearly every entrance to this township that we noticed. No fuss, no muss, no coconuts.

After the whole ordeal we headed back to our hangout, Kings in Crafton, before calling it a night.

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