Wilkinsburg Borough

What can I say, it's Wilkinsburg. Ten minutes before this was taken, we stopped at Wilkinsburg Beverage for an affordably priced case of beer. Afterward we ventured down to the WTAE parking lot, Wilkinsburg's only TV station, to snap this sign, located under a parkway underpass.

Wilkinsburg was originally formed as a Protestant haven in the midst of a Catholic city. While it is still a dry town, the moral aspect of the borough has deteriorated and degenerated into petty rivalries with the city's Homewood neighborhood. The "What's Up in Wilkinsburg?" school performance banner is a bit underwhelming, considering the only district in Western Pennsylvania with lower PSSA scores has just eliminated its high school.


This photograph was taken on the back streets of Wilkinsburg near Edgewood and Regent Square.

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